Tips and Facts about Playing Keno

Want to make money in keno? No tips or strategies can make you win more in keno. But some advice can make it more fun. Below we give you the facts about this game.

Keno Fact: The house edge in the game is static.

That means nothing can be done to influence one's chances of winning or losing. Not all games in the casino are like that. Blackjack is one game that has changeable odds depending on how well you play. Video poker is another one. So why play keno if there are more winnable games around? Because in keno, like slots, you have a chance to make lots and lots of money! You don't get that in blackjack or video poker no matter how well you play. If you like to shoot for luck, and you also like numbers, you will love keno.

Keno Fact: Wins can only be claimed before the next draw begins.

This means if you have a winning keno ticket but you don't see that until the start of the next draw, you can't claim it. You have to claim a win before the next game begins; otherwise it doesn't count.

So a keno player must have a sharp eye. Look at your ticket(s) as each winning number is announced. On one hand, you do not want to call a win prematurely only to see later you made a mistake. On the other hand, you absolutely don't want to call a sure win late! The only way to do it right is to get used to it by playing keno.

For the same reason, you shouldn't play too many keno tickets if you are slow. If you are a slow reader, stick with one or two tickets at most. Experienced players can wager on several tickets at the same time.

Keno Fact: Keno should be played in moderation.

Keno can be deceptive. Because a keno ticket can be inexpensive, you may think you are spending only a little. But if you play fast (especially in online keno) and you play many keno tickets, it can quickly eat up your bankroll. Decide beforehand how much you are going to gamble in keno. Do not go beyond that amount, win or lose.

Keno Fact: Number systems do not work.

No number system can make you a sure winner in keno. One combination is as likely to hit as any other, be they low numbers, high numbers, sequenced, non-sequenced or anything else. The odds and payoffs are set as to always give the casino the edge.

That does not mean you shouldn't use number systems. By all means do so! But do it to have fun and not with the serious objective of making money. The latter would only lead to disappointment whereas the former can be a lot of fun!

Keno Fact: There are no patterns in keno.

Suppose number 27 does not hit for many draws. Do you think it is "due" to hit soon? If you are like most people, you will say yes. But this is not so. Keno draws have no memory of past draws. One draw has nothing to do with another. Look at it this way: All the numbers are in the same container each time. How can one be more likely to be picked than another?

Keno is a game of chance that gives ordinary people the opportunity to become rich without much effort. Now you know how keno works and what doesn't, it's time to play! Play online keno now in our favorite casinos and try your luck!

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