The Best Strategy in Keno

What are the odds involved in paying keno? Unlike the lottery, playing keno gives a player much better. One reason could be that keno has a lot more variations than the lottery. If you browse through a bookstore or search the internet, you will be amazed to see a lot of advice that claims to offer the best strategy in keno. Like most games involving probability, keno is mainly luck. However, this has not deterred many players from trying out different strategy in keno.

One strategy in keno that most players practice is to play numbers that has not been chosen yet. They believe that the law of chance will "balance" the numbers that is being drawn. Another strategy in keno being employed is the exact opposite. Some players bet on numbers that they think regularly come up. They believe that when this happens, it is actually a trend and that there is a likelihood that the same number will come up again.

Another method that players often use is to select consecutive numbers. In can be in pairs or even more. For example, if your were to chose six numbers and follow this rule, you would probably choose numbers like 30, 31, 51, 52, 53, 54. Of course, let us not forget using the same group of numbers for as many games as possible. This by far, is one of the most widely used. People call it their lucky number. It can be the birthday of all members in the family or all the ages.

With all these different strategy in keno, you would expect that there are a lot of winners. Sadly, most of these fail. The reason? Because the game relies mainly on luck. Say I pick three numbers, specifically 1, 34 and 66. Now choose your own three numbers. Whatever those numbers are, they have the same chance of being drawn as the numbers I chose on any particular game. Always keep in mind that the numbers are drawn at random.

Luck and random. These are the two things to remember in playing keno. Still, why do people still believe in these so-called strategy in keno? Most players would probably give you the same answer. "It doesn't hurt to try it." And they would be right. In a game that relies mainly on luck, any strategy can be the strategy. Of course, whatever strategy in keno you come up with and manage to win using it, then expect other people to follow it.

The most important thing in playing keno aside from luck? Very simple. Have fun. That is probably the best strategy in keno that you could practice.

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